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      Music Bloggers Guide to SXSW 2018 has launched. Check it out to discover music bloggers favorite up-and-coming artists playing at this year’s festival. Link in bio.
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      Working on our game theory. Ages 4 and up.
    • @HeyFoxtrot!
      Putting our new color palette, type system and presentation template to work. . . . . .
      layoutdesign goodtype grid presentationdesign typography typographyinspired branding typism design designspiration typespot typetopia typespire identitytdesign
    • @HeyFoxtrot!
      Happy Friday! Excited to have another one of our branding projects branding and packaging featured in @print_mag. This one was done with our friends @4thtap.Cheers!
      identitydesign design logo beerpackaging branding packagingdesign beer graphicdesign packaging
    • @HeyFoxtrot!
      We're honored to have our Austin Film Society branding work featured in the last printed issue of @print_mag as Best in Region (Southwest). Thanks to @jessicahische for judging the region and the kind words.Pick up the latest issue of Print or visit the link in our profile to read more about our featured work.
      film printmag identitydesign logo printmagazine identity branddesign
    • @HeyFoxtrot!
      Dynamic logo system from our work with Canvas. Influenced by the diverse range of properties they develop, the logo represents their ability to provide a tailored approach to each project.
      branding logo identity brandidentity

Indeed Hiring Lab


Designing a new service to deliver data-driven insight about the global job market

The Indeed Hiring Lab studies the wealth of data available from Indeed.com in combination with government and independent research to better understand the current and future state of U.S and international job markets. With data from billions of job searches and millions of resumes and employer reviews, the Indeed Hiring Lab puts a new lens on labor market trends.

Indeed partnered with Foxtrot to design a digital platform to help its data scientists and analysts more easily and efficiently report on the state of the rapidly evolving labor market. Indeed was seeking a new approach to creating clear and compelling narratives that could be shared with ease via a unique and highly usable interactive experience. Seeing an opportunity to create a cohesive customer experience, Indeed engaged us to redesign its companion quarterly print reports to better align with the new online format.