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    • Production Designer
      We're looking for a production designer who's a perfectionist when it comes to details.
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      This need to be written
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    • @HeyFoxtrot!
      Can't fake the joy in ice cream. Happy Birthday to @waltercoots!
    • Senior Interaction Designer
      We're looking for a seasoned interaction designer with a reputation for exceptional problem-solving skills.
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      Freelance Opportunities
      Designers, developers, strategists, illustrators, writers – We're always looking for talented people to work with.
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    • What's Going on with Aledmys Diaz?
      Aledmy Diaz was a breakout star with the bat in 2016. So why was April 2017 such a bummer?
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Texas Monthly


Reshaping the online experience for the National Magazine of Texas

The nationally acclaimed print magazine was sorely overdue for a new website that emphasized reading, looking at photos and utilized all the features common to modern, thoughtful online media experiences. Said Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein, "Perhaps the most radical notion we had was that we wanted to eliminate the sometimes rigid internal distinctions we had about different story types. On the web, we figured, a reader wasn’t going to get hung up about whether something had been written originally for the magazine or the site; or whether it was long or short; or whether it was a blog post or a story."

We designed a site that allows news, features and popular Texan topics to live together—regardless of content type—and that shines a light on the gorgeous photography and artwork the print magazine is known for, as well as offering desirable adjacencies for their advertisers.