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Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches


Elevating the fast food experience

Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches is a restaurant conceived with the belief that fast food should be real food—that it is possible to eat at convenience, trusting that the ingredients are fresh and come from quality sources.

Owner Kevin Warden asked Foxtrot to help translate his vision for a vibrant and uniquely Austin restaurant experience into an inspiring brand that people would feel good about supporting.

We started by articulating a clear brand strategy that got to the heart of the brand personality and purpose. With a solid brand framework in place, we were able to discover the name, design a vibrant visual identity system and craft a unifying messaging platform. We extended the brand across the entire restaurant experience; considering everything from sandwich wraps to menu systems, to exterior signage and how customers experience the brand online.
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - logo, stacked
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - design process, logo development
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - customer experience, ordering
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - packaging: drink cups
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - merchandise, t-shirt, bird on gray
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - service: uniforms
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - design process, menu sizing and placement
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - marketing, website, home page
Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches - interior signage, menu board